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The ExpertusONE Experience

Test Drive the Future of the LMS… Today!

Test Drive ExpertusONE

Ready for an LMS that learners, admins and management will love? Watch this pre-recorded webinar, The ExpertusONE Experience, and see it in action.

During this webinar, you'll examine an entirely new breed of LMS, with an unprecedented learning experience...

• Incredible Learner Usability
   intuitive and personalized
   heuristic designzero training required

• Automated Administration: dynamic, profile-driven learning
  delivery and management

• Stable, Scalable Architecture: highly reliable, future proof
  and easy-to-scaleprivate cloud

• Universal Mobile Access
: learn when/wherever;
  native IOS and android apps; offline sync

• Advanced Reporting Engine
: features native SQL query writer
  and visual designer

Tune in to see next-gen LMS experts explore new private cloud learning technologies. You'll take away proven best practices to optimize your organization's learning activities.

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